To be a profitable port concessionaire, preferred by clients, appreciated by employees, which acts responsibly regarding the environment and the community.


To provide port and logistics services of excellence, which are effective, efficient and innovative, adding value for its shareholders;

Caring about of people’s health and the environment, with employees who are trained and motivated.


Respect for people:

We accept and acknowledge others as our equals, treating them well regardless of the position they hold or the job they do.


We are committed and have a positive attitude toward work, constantly thinking about improving and innovating.


We achieve outstanding results in an efficient manner, which enables us to provide a service that adds value for our clients.


We keep our word and meet our commitments, convinced that our relationships with our clients, suppliers and workers are long term.

Community integration:

We are an active part of the community, so we privilege its development and collaborate with caring about its surroundings.